Composting is the process of collecting and managing one’s excess organic waste to accelerate and enhance the normal decomposition process, to create new soil. The new soil we’re creating will go in our gardens and may be made available to church or community members depending on the amount we have.

Compost With Us

Pick up an empty bucket from the “Bucket Depot” located in our parking lot. Fill the bucket with all of your compostable items (see the list below). When the bucket is full, or when you are ready for another bucket, bring your bucket in, drop it off at the church, and pick up a fresh bucket to take home. It’s that simple. Learning to compost is one of the best ways to care for the environment and divert precious organic matter out of the waste stream (e.g. the Kestrel Hawk Landfill in Racine)

Consult the list below, and don’t worry! Caring for Creation members will be available to answer all of your questions and help coach you as you begin to start collecting your compostables! If you are interested in helping with maintenance of the compost bin, we are looking for a few more people to help. Please let one of the Caring for Creation members know you’d like to get more involved.

Here is a convenient table to help you learn about what kinds of items can be put into a home composting system. Some items are in the “No” list not because they are not organic, but simply because it makes home composting a sanitary and pleasant process!

Coffee grounds & filters K-Cups/Keurig
Tea leaves and bags mesh type tea bags
Newspaper, paper towel Kleenex, glossy paper
All vegetables Veggies in oil
Sawdust Sawdust from treated wood
wood Fruit stickers
All Fruits Too much citrus
A little citrus Synthetically fertilized grass clippings
Grass clippings “Woody” sticks
Leaves & garden debris Ashes from charcoal “briquets”
Wood or hardwood charcoal Ash Dog, cat or any poop
Hair Meat of any kind