Midweek Musings: June 9, 2022

Dear Friend,

In her novel Beloved, Toni Morison writes, “She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.”

I love that image—someone gathering your pieces and handing them back to you in the right order. It reminds me so much of Spiritual Direction, at least, my experience of it. Each month, when I call my spiritual director, I hand her the pieces of my life, the moments that stand out (for good and for bad) and she helps me to sort through them, to put them back in order, to frame them in a larger context. She helps me to see the forest for the trees (if I might change metaphors for a moment).

So, I’m wondering, Kathy, who gathers you? Or what practices/activities (spiritual or otherwise, because it’s all spiritual in the end!) gather you? What or who helps you to sort the moments or pieces of your life or of yourself and put them back together again?

May you feel sorted and whole,
Pastor Sarah

something Worth reading

All Means All

by Diana Butler Bass

I particularly appreciated this email from Diana Butler Bass this week. It connected Pentecost, which we celebrated on Sunday, with a question currently being debated in the Episcopal Church (namely, who is welcome at the Communion Table and who is not). 

Read the full article here.

something worth hearing



I recently came across a playlist with songs about all 50 states, and heard this song for the first time. Who knew there was a song about Wisconsin? Do you know of others?

something worth watching

How This Guy Makes Amazing Sand Art

Wired with Andres Amador 
This reminds me of the Buddhist monks who make sand mandalas and then when they’re complete, blow them away. I wrestle with the impermanence of it, which I think might be the point, but the creations are stunning.

something worth praying

When We Breathe Together
A Blessing for Pentecost Day

Jan Richardson 

This is the blessing
we cannot speak
by ourselves.

This is the blessing
we cannot summon
by our own devices,
cannot shape
to our purpose,
cannot bend
to our will.

This is the blessing
that comes
when we leave behind
our aloneness
when we gather
when we turn
toward one another.

This is the blessing
that blazes among us
when we speak
the words
strange to our ears

when we finally listen
into the chaos

when we breathe together
at last.

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