About to have surgery? Been hospitalized? Has a family member or close friend died? Feeling stressed or anxious? Have a big decision you’re trying to make? Frustrated or angry about something? Wondering about something you’ve heard in worship or read in the Bible or heard someone say about faith or Christianity?

Why not talk to one of our pastors? Whether it’s simply a prayer they can offer before surgery or a few longer conversations as you try to make a big decision, our pastors love talking with you and hearing from you. The pastors don’t keep regular office hours and they alternate who is doing pastoral care from week to week, so the best way to be in touch with them is through Kathy, our Ministry Assistant. She can tell you which pastor to call or pass along your message for you. She also often knows the pastors’ schedules and when you might best be able to get in touch with them.

We do our best to honor our Pastors’ Day Off (Thursday) so they can have time with their families and the rest they need, but when there is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call or text either of the pastors and one of them will respond to you as soon as they are able. You can always ask Kathy Miller, our Ministry Assistant, which pastor is on call and how best to contact them.

The Deacons are the “helping hands” of the church—the compassionate, caring arm that reaches out to those in need, the sick, and any who are in distress. Most Americans are incredibly busy and even church members may forget to regard one another with genuine concern and love. It is a regrettable fact that in churches of all sizes, members and friends can be absent from worship without being missed or can go through an illness, a family tragedy, or a financial crisis without getting the comfort and attention they need. At such a times, the Deacons step forward in an organized way to marshal the love and concern of the whole congregation to help members endure pain and tragedy.

Deacons’ hearts go out to those in distress, to members who have suffered loss, to neighbors in the hospital, to prisoners, to friends who have lost jobs, to new parents who are confused by a wonderful, sudden, and challenging change in the responsibilities of life, to new members who need a word of welcome, to members who are shut-in and lonely and cannot leave their homes, to people in the community who have lost their way and can no longer find God, to those who are economically oppressed and do not have adequate places to live or enough to eat, to any people who need to experience the love of Christ in concrete ways. (Presbyterian Outlook)


  • Pray for members of the congregation
  • Care for those who are homebound, ill, or otherwise in need
  • Provide meals and rides when requested
  • Help ensure everyone who wants to can get to worship on Sunday morning safely
  • Reach out to those who have been absent from worship to make sure everything is okay
  • Provide bread and juice for communion as well as helping to serve communion
  • Provide hospitality during funerals

Stephen Ministry – Christ Caring for People Through People
Stephen Ministry is … a ministry in which one person reaches out to another in times of:

  • Grief caused by the death of a loved one or the end of a marriage or significant relationship
  • Loneliness
  • Illness, chronic or terminal
  • Loss of a job, a friendship or any other stress related loss
  • Stress
  • Loss of faith
  • Emptiness when the children are gone
  • Heartache
  • Major life changes
  • Problems with teenagers

If you would like a Stephen Minister for yourself or someone you love, please call or email Rev. Sarah Walker Cleaveland (262-634-4597).

Covenant’s Stephen Ministry program provides care to members, friends, relatives, co-workers, and community members in situations where a Stephen Minister is the appropriate caring response. To learn more, check out the Stephen Ministry page on the PBS Website.